Lombardi pizza first seller in America


In New York City, when we see so some images of the towering skyline, the hustle and bustle of Times Square, and, yummy pizza place comes to mind. They have many pizza sellers with beautiful views but, Lombardi Pizza is best in taste and melts into our taste buds and has special place in our hearts. When we talk about Lombardi pizza the though which came across is that its not just a place that sells pizza but also holds a unique history.

Lombardi pizza

History of Lombardi Pizza

Gennaro in 1905 first pizza seller was an Italian guy who immigrated to New York and wanted to give a taste to the people of his hometown. But he never thought it could be something that would become the best thing in the world.

Lombardi is a gift for people in New York as it has a commitment at his tradition and quality. Gennaro use fresh and finest ingredients in his pizza. They made its dough by their own hands and ferment it for hours. Which make this pizza a crispy, thin crust and to have a delightful chewy texture. Gennaro used San Marzano tomatoes for his sauce and Mozzarella cheese to give pizza a creamy and soft texture. They use basil topping in every layer and drizzle it with virgin olive oil to give unique flavor.

Best creation

Lombardi’s best creation is Margherita pizza. Which is also known as classic Neapolitan-style pizza which originated in 1889 at the time of Queen Margherita. Raffaele Esposito created a pizza to honor her with the colors of the Italian flag. Lombardi pizza is a addition to the historical creation which will take you back to his home town Italy.

Interior of Lombardi

Place of Lombardi is like walking back to old times through a time machine. It’s like an old-school interior with rustic color check tablecloths and vintage photographs on the wall that make it nostalgic. When you enter the place the aroma of a warm bricked oven makes you more hungry. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_pizza_chains_of_the_United_States


Menu of Lombardi is one of the best endearing of quality food that will make your mouth watery because they offer exotic toppings with freshness and finest. The toppings are basic and few but nobody can beat them in quality. They also offer different options like the White Clam Pizza and the Pepperoni Pizza.

In Conclusion

Lombardi’s pizza is popularity in the United States. Pizza was also unknown outside of Italian-American communities. But, with Lombardi’s hard work with authentic, high-quality pizza, they gained popularity. Today, pizza is a meal and beloved food, and Lombardi’s makes it to the hearts of people.

Pizza seller has loyal lovers till now with devotion that expanded to generations. Many families often come to visit Lombardi’s when they come to this city, to enjoy delicious taste with children and relatives. Whether its local people or tourists they had to wait impatiently to get their tables.

Lombardi pizza had an incredible effect on the pizza industry that we cannot forget. Many pizza sellers came and were copying but, Lombardi’s stood tall, because of its simplicity, tradition, and quality. Whether you’re a pizza lover or a casual eater, you should visit this Lombardi pizza as they offer you century offer with love and devotion.

Lombardi pizza is an evolution, Lombardi’s Pizza is a timeless innovation, hallmarking the traces of a classic New York City pizza world. Because in every bite you can taste their traditional taste, quality and ingredients. The love in every bite of square pie since 1905. Lombardi is not just a pizza seller but has warm history too.