Making Pizza Without Oven

Did you know that you can make pizza at home without an oven? It is so easy and not only possible but it is so fun to make and creative cooking adventure. Just follow the steps to accompany me on a journey of food love. These are simple tips for making pizza without oven on a stovetop by using only a pan or skillet.


just to have a look at what ingredients we can use to make it more fascinating.

1: Pizza dough (you can made it or buy it from some store around you)

2: Pizza sauce

3: Cheese

4: Toppings according to taste (it could be vegetables, corns, olives, pepperoni, mushrooms)

5: Herbs and Spices

Instructions for making pizza without oven:

let’s start making it.

1:Prepare the pizza dough

1:Follow the instructions if you are using a store-made dough which is written on the package.

2:But if you are using dough which you just made at home for your pizza prepare it as you like to eat as per your taste.

2: Roll out the dough

Spread flour on your counter or shelf to make it easy going for your dough and then roll it according to your desired taste and shape.

3: Heat the pan

put your skittle or pan on a stove over medium heat and then add a little oil.

4: Cook the pizza dough

Place your dough in the pan easily, and cook for a few minutes until you start seeing small bubbles popping under the crust.

5: Flip the dough

If the bottom is starting to be brown then flip the dough upside down.

6: Add sauce and toppings

Once you see that your whole is now in brown in color, you can start putting your toppings and sauce.

7: Cover and cook

Now leave it for a few minutes and let the topping be settled. Cover the pan with aluminum foil. Heat it to let the cheese melt. Reduce the heat to low and cook it 5 to 7 minutes.

8: Finish with Herbs and Spices

Before serving sprinkle your tasty herbs and spices to enjoy

9: Serve and enjoy

See that was easy right? That was simple, now place your pizza on the plate and enjoy it with your family or friends without any disappointments.