“Sicilian Pizza in the USA: Sicily in Every Bite”

Every time when you think of having a different pizza to experience a unique taste, then USA Sicilian pizza never disappoint their people and provide a huge range of diversity in pizza to give new experience every single day. From thick pizza of New York to Chicago deep dish pizza there are to many options. But Sicilian pizza stands tall above them but have you ever tried it? If you are scared of trying it that what it would be like, so do not worry. Because after collecting to much information from this blog, you will surely place an order.

Sicilian Pizza

It is also known as sfincione in native people language. Sicilian pizza step out the old tradition that pizza should be in round shape but it is in square shape. With thick crust, and lots of cheese. Sicilian pizza is spongy, focaccia-like crust and generous toppings. It is making it favorite of people across the USA.


It was first made by an Italian guy in Italy. Then that guy immigrated to America and bought his pizza over 20th century. American people embraced this unique pizza and started developing its taste. Which turned into todays Sicilian pizza you know.

Things make it special

1 Crust

Sicilian pizza crust is thick, fluffy, airy, crispy exterior, soft interior of dough, which allows sauce and toppings to spread as many as much people want generously.

2 Toppings

It is also known as generous pizza as it requires a lot of toppings to make it more exciting. Pizza with huge range of toppings with numerous amount of cheese also with the option of additional toppings as per your desire. Like sausage, pepperoni, peppers, onions, and much more.

3 Versatility

Pizza is an art of creativity, it depends on you whether you are vegetarian or non-veg or you want some exciting combinations. Then this pizza is the best choice according to your taste buds https://www.enjoytravel.com/us/travel-news/guides/50-best-pizza-united-go%20on.

4 Perfect pizza to share

As this pizza is full of generosity so you can share it with family and friends. It is often sold as a one slice but also can be sold as whole pizza if you demand. Best option to share.

Where to Find Sicilian in the USA

It is available in pizzerias and Italian restaurants across United States. New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia, are great places to start your Sicilian pizza journey. Pizzerias are offering different toppings and styles so explore and find your favorite pizza.


This pizza offers you an experience different from traditional pizzas or pies in the USA. And making you smile with large amount of toppings, cheese, with thick, fluffy and airy pizza crust and soft dough. If you are a pizza lover and not afraid of tasting new pizzas so this pizza is best choice for you that satisfy your taste buds. Make Sicilian pizza your next adventure that will not disappoint you.

Sicilian-style pizza is available most likely in Italian bakeries and restaurants in New York City would have had access to good quality, low cost mozzarella. Components of the pizza are the same as the Italian Sicilian pizza, such as the square base and crispier bottom; however, it differs in the topping with the use of mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.

Regular pizzas and Sicilian pizzas each have unique crust and dough with toppings. While regular pizzas are baked in a rounder, thinner crust, Sicilians are baked in a thicker, square shaped, rectangular crust. Because of the thicker crust, Sicilians tend to have a crunchier and soft texture which is totally different from the regular pizzas do.